Logistics flow management

Flow management is a major aspect of industrial logistics. Mobile equipment, containers and tools go astray on a regular basis.
This recurrent problem generates significant costs in terms of localisation time, restocking rate, and even disruptions in the production chain.

With WIEW, Storkcom grants you automated traceability thanks to the implementation of WIEWLink systems positioned at strategic transit points, and a mobile WIEWApp application for the management of all supply chain operations.

  • Management of all types of flows (containers, tools, parts, etc.) thanks to a modular and entirely configurable interface
  • Real time localisation and optimisation of availability rate
  • Reduction of loss rate and associated costs

Drawing upon its experience of numerous deployments of automated detection systems, Storkcom has developed deep expertise in the deployment of RFID reader gates. Customised structures, minimum clutter, modular configuration: Storkcom offers you infrastructures which perfectly integrate into your spaces and which will configure your systems to ensure optimal detection performances.

You want to trace, master and attain real visibility of your logistical flows

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