Traceability of the pre-analytical phase

The ISO 15189 standard introduced new requirements for the traceability and monitoring of samples in the pre-analytical phase for medical biology laboratories.

A simple and tailored solution now exists for biologists and quality managers dedicated to the management and optimisation of traceability of the pre-analytical phase.

In close collaboration with medical laboratories, Storkcom has elaborated a solution enabling you not only to meet the regulatory requirements, but also to possess a real traceability tool for the transport of your biological samples.

Storkcom guarantees triple traceability through unique identification:

  • Individual traceability of each transport container
  • End-to-end transport traceability through identification of the couriers and time-stamping of every transit point (departure, transport, arrival)
  • And thanks to WIEWLink connected sensors, traceability of transport temperature as close as possible to the samples.

Thanks to the combination, during packing, of the identification of the samples and their packaging, you can monitor each sample for the respect of the temperature requirements and the transport time before the analytical phase.

The temperature sensors may be provided with COFRAC calibration upon request.

Many large groups of laboratories and hospitals in France have already adopted WIEW solutions, with the key gain of an optimised vision of all of their inter-laboratory exchange flows.

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