Inventory is an indispensable functionality of Storkcom solutions.

Whether it is the management of fleets, fixed assets, or containers, inventory is an indispensable process for the periodic validation of a stocktake.

Thanks to ease of reading via RFID, inventory is no longer a constraint but rather a simple, fast and reliable operation. For users, inventory becomes a simple gesture, and for managers, a powerful took for stock management.

With the ergonomic WIEWApp interfaces, the user is guided through the inventory operations, and the reliability of data collected on-site is guaranteed. Finally, the facility and rapidity of execution enables more regular stocktaking and ensures visibility as close as possible to the real situation.

For most of our clients’ projects, this application represents the fastest ROI, thanks to the time saved on inventory. It allows quick gains in productivity by releasing resources for higher added-value operations.

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