Management of equipment fleets

The availability of a reliable tool for identifying and tracing equipment fleets is a central concern for fleet managers.

In this context, automatic identification technology suggests itself as an ideal means of identification. Reliable, durable and upgradeable, it guarantees traceability over the complete life-cycle of the equipment.

Reduction of losses, optimisation of usage rates, monitoring of maintenance operations and wear rates…each operation is traced and recorded, delivering optimal fleet management.

Our solution:

  • WIEWLink: robust means of identification and fastening, tailored to the constraints of the equipment, and a multiplicity of reading methods to adapt to all of the business processes
  • myWIEW: an easy-to-use, ergonomic software solution which guarantees ease of handling by the users and their involvement in the operation of the tool.

Whatever your usage constraints and variety of equipment, Storkcom has a large range of solutions to adapt to every business line.

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