Maintenance monitoring

In many activities, the management and monitoring of maintenance operations requires the most intensive cost control.

It also directly impact on the quality of service perceived by the end client, and can have considerable financial consequences.

Storkcom has developed a WIEW module dedicated to the management and monitoring of maintenance operations.

Among its functionalities:

  • Individual traceability of equipment
  • Easy management of allocation: client, contract, localisation, etc.
  • Fast localisation of pieces of equipment and their status: available, in use, requires inspection, etc.
  • Ergonomic mobile application for maintenance technicians
  • Planning of interventions
  • Automatic alerts
  • History of maintenance operations

This solution is configurable according to your domain of activity. It allows you to manage any kind of equipment and multiple inspection intervals.

Managing a fleet of equipment and wanting to optimise the monitoring of your maintenance operations

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