Facility Management

For management controllers, taking inventory of assets is both a constraint… and often a real headache.

Some give up on physical inventory completely, while others carry out inventories without any assurance of the reliability of the results. In either case, this often results in wasted time and a high risk of error.

Yet the stakes are high, both in terms of financial and insurance value.

There are now simple, effective solutions for inventorying fixed assets.

RFID identification is particularly well suited to facilitating and optimizing asset inventory and management.

Looking for solutions to facilitate inventory management of your assets?

The WIEW Inventory solution

Strengthened by its expertise in this field, Storkcom has designed and developed the WIEW Inventory module dedicated to asset management and inventory, designed for both management controllers and facility managers.

Among the benefits of this application:

  • Durable and customisable identification of equipment: furniture, IT equipment, operational equipment, etc.
  • Fully mobile management thanks to WIEWApp mobile application
  • Quick and automated inventory
  • Optimised monitoring of maintenance operations for equipment subject to periodic controls
WIEW Inventory

The WIEW Inventory solution enables to identify both locations and equipments. Inventory becomes an extremely simple and reliable operation: scan the location to be inventoried when entering, then scan the equipments in the room in a few seconds. The application lets you quickly visualize inventoried equipment by category, and instantly identify missing items and/or intruders.

The integrated Planning functionality also makes it easy to organize your inventories, and visualize the areas remaining to be inventoried over a given period.

Quick and easy deployment

Like all our applications, WIEW Inventory is highly configurable, enabling you to initiate the process on a selection of your equipment according to your priorities, and then extend it to other categories of equipment.

Our approach is also to make implementation easier for you, and to save you time on the most time-consuming tasks, such as initial labeling. Storkcom is thus able to adapt this application functionality to your process, so that you can carry out identification more easily.

Thanks to the modularity of our applications, WIEW Inventory can be deployed and implemented very quickly on an initial scope. Storkcom supports you in setting up your inventory solution, recommending the implementation methodology best suited to your objectives. You are then fully autonomous to develop the application in line with your organization and your needs.

WIEW Inventory - myWIEW

At Storkcom, all our solutions are designed
to help you combine competitiveness and eco-responsibility

and that also applies to Inventory!

On the Social front
Storkcom strives to improve the ergonomics of its applications to simplify users’ daily lives.

  • WIEW Inventory enables your staff to reduce the time spent on low-value-added tasks, and improve their quality of life at work.
  • The ease of RFID-based inventory, without having to handle equipment or bend over to find the identification, also reduces handling and the associated risk of MSD.

You’re sure to get a lot more volunteers to carry out inventories!

and on the Environmental aspect
In addition to the inventory results, the application gives you real visibility over the management of your equipment fleet (age, state of use, usage history).
This enables you to take action at different levels:

  • Help locate available equipment to avoid unnecessary purchases and fight against waste
  • Optimizing equipment lifespan and promoting re-use.

For example, the application can be used to easily collect equipment for digital equipment collection events, such as the “braderie du numérique”.