About us

We break barriers
by creating solutions to optimise performance

Our conviction

We believe that by extending the range of the Internet of Things to business processes we can improve their competitiveness and support their growth.

IoT Solutions Integrator, Storkcom is revolutionising the way in which companies progress and develop by improving their operational efficiency. We develop custom connected solutions to bring companies more simplicity and reliability in their processes, reducing costs and giving employees more fluidity in their actions.

By working in close collaboration with our clients, we bring them the technological solutions they need to transform, control or manage their working methods.

The 4 good reasons to choose Storkcom:

Automate the process and save time

Make the best use of your time and optimise the efficiency of your processes by centralising and managing all the data linked to your various tasks in one and the same WIEW system

Create engagement

Involve your employees in technological initiatives linked to the search for efficiency and comfort through management of information. You’ll have attractive and pleasant screens with intuitive interfaces, which will galvanise your teams and enable you to reap the benefits!

Achieve savings

Save up to 60% of your operating costs thanks to the connection of your processes, the traceability of operations, the oversight of important milestones, and results monitoring.

Work with an expert chosen by the biggest companies

Thanks to the expertise of our engineers and the advanced connectivity technologies that we have developed, we are in a position to provide simple, efficient and impactful solutions in order to successfully meet our clients’ needs.

The history of Storkcom

Storkcom Logo Outline

Storkcom was born in a meeting…

between an innovative company, a creator of connected solutions and key player in the domain of the Internet of Things,

and a group experiencing strong growth, a leader in the environmental domain and pioneer in the revolution of the waste-management sector.

This merger was motivated by a mutual desire to rely on innovation and technology to optimise processes and invent solutions enabling companies to work more simply and efficiently, in a framework of social and environmental responsibility.

Storkcom’s mission is to bring its clients connected solutions which meet their needs of process optimisation, traceability or productivity gains.

Aside from the sayings achieved, Storkcom solutions contribute to reducing environmental footprint by drastically reducing paper use and reducing movements.

Find out more about our CSR commitments

Green Business International group

The growing environmental requirements are disrupting habits, and the revolution created by the Internet of Things is pushing companies to reconsider their working methods and to organise themselves on an unheard-of scale.

The ambition of Green Business International is to meet these new requirements and focuses through global and impactful solutions.

Green Business International raised capital through Amundi Group, the European leader in asset management, to reach a new milestone in its international development.

Green Business International, Solutions for A GREENER future.

GBG powered by AmundiGBG powered by Amundi