Tool tracking

Storkcom has developed particular expertise in the identification and the traceability of tools.

Whether for small hand tools (screwdrivers, keys etc.) or bulky resources, Storkcom takes all utilisation constraints into account to offer you a custom identification and fastening solution.

Storkcom is thus able to offer a solution combining:

  • A type of identification enabling the optimisation of detection performances according to the materials or the tools in question
  • Tag dimensions adapted to the space constraints
  • Positioning on the tools taking into account the utilisation constraints and the grip of the item
  • Fastening guaranteeing the durability and stability of identification on the long-term, protecting the identification within the constraints (shocks, chemical products, temperature, etc.)

While respecting these constraints, Storkcom keeps the types of identification solutions to a minimum while covering a maximum of types of tools, optimising identification costs and simplifying identification procedures.

Storkcom also offers its clients guidance for identification services, (thereby guaranteeing results), setup in fixed deadlines, and the certainty of a reliable inventory in T0. Storkcom then transfers competences to your teams, granting you full autonomy for restocking.

Through its myWIEW and WIEWApp solutions, Storkcom offers management solutions for tool fleets, inventory, localisation, and traceability of the associated metrology, enabling individual monitoring of every tool.

Storkcom has deployed tool traceability solutions for fleets of multiple tens of thousands of pieces of equipment for large clients in the domains of defence and aeronautics.

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