Traceability of transport conditions

With the development of the IoT and connected objects, it is now possible to go beyond simple traceability of a product: you can recover data and measurements of the environment of the products being traced.

Thanks to WIEWLink connected sensors, designed and developed by Storkcom, you can now easily monitor the transport conditions of your products.

Temperature and/or moisture, the WIEW applications allow you to manage your completely tailored measuring programs no matter what your product – monitoring of ruptures in the cold or hot chain, traceability over your entire distribution chain, monitoring of exported packages, wireless instrumentation…

Thanks to WIEWApp mobile application, you can configure, initiate and control your measurement programs with total mobility.

Upon arrival, the recovery of data is simple and instantaneous, and enables automatic alerts.

Storkcom also offers business software solutions dedicated to the traceability of temperature-sensitive products, in particular for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

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