Connect your company to the Internet of Things to increase the efficiency of your processes.


Connect your company to the Internet of Things to increase the efficiency of your processes.

Connecting your products is child’s play.

With WIEWLink, Storkcom collects and transmits the strategic data of your activity to render summary information on your screens.



Customised labels, on metal tags, resistance to high temperature, mechanical fastening…whatever the product you want to trace, Storkcom will guide you in your choice of the optimal identification system and guarantee you the best performances and durable identification.

  • Multi-technology: barcodes, QR codes, RFID, RTLS, BLE, LoRa etc.
  • Dimensions and resistance according to your specifications
  • Customisation: logo printing, numbering, etc.

For major deployments, Storkcom proposes to its clients to itself take in hand the equipment identification task, thus ensuring rapid and reliable setup.



Mobility is an indispensable element of Storkcom solutions. Whatever the application, our clients have real-time access to information thanks to our  WIEWApp applications.

To guarantee optimal ergonomics and to adapt to the constraints of each business line, Storkcom offers a large range of smartphones and tablets, from the lightest terminals up to industrial equipment.

Storkcom also offers Bluetooth reading systems (paddles, handles, etc.) which enable you to connect any kind of smartphone, for ergonomic reading perfectly tailored to your processes and applications (inventory, research, etc.).

Storkcom Automatisation


Drawing upon a network of technological partners, Storkcom is constantly on the lookout for refinements, testing and refining the most powerful and competitive detection systems for its clients.

Storkcom opts for standardised systems, which guarantee the durability, interoperability and upgradeability of the implemented solutions.

Storkcom thus offers a complete range of reading systems allowing traceability to be as closely integrated as possible to the business lines of its clients: conveyor reading systems, automated reading gates, detection terminals, etc.

Storkcom capteurs

Connected sensors

Within its R&D division, Storkcom designed and developed a range of connected sensors dedicated to event monitoring and data collection.


With WIEWLink, move to the new generation of connected sensors combining the functionalities of a sophisticated datalogger and the benefits of radio frequency technology for the traceability and recovery of data. Thanks to the flexibility and simplicity of use, these products revolutionise and simplify the traceability of transport conditions.


For Waste Management, Storkcom offers connected weighing and equips waste collection terminals with sensors allowing localisation of the terminals, real-time data collection for weighing, and an optimised management of waste separation

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