Meet-Up 4 Industry Webinar

As part of Meet-up 4 Industry, a series of webinars organized by our partner ID4CAR to share industry best practices, Storkcom co-leads a session dedicated to data reporting serving performance. [...]


Best Wishes 2021!

  After a particularly animated year in 2020, which revealed many super heroes (masked, of course), we all have only one desire: Drop the mask! …but let’s keep the costume… [...]


Louis XIII / Smart Decanter

The prestigious Louis XIII Cognac from the Remy Martin house offers a unique tasting experience… In line with this tasting experience, Remy Martin has created a unique connected experience: [...]


Success Story / GT Solutions

GT Solutions and Palmitou called upon Inotec & Storkcom to set up a global RFid traceability system in order to guarantee to all the actors of the poultry industry (breeders, industrialists, [...]


GT Solutions / RFID Biosecurity

GT Solutions and Palmiclean have entrusted Storkcom with the implementation of a global RFID traceability system, making it possible to track the flow of vehicles and containers, and above all to [...]


LOHR / Connected Lean Manufacturing

Storkcom has joined the private French group LOHR, world leader in the car carrier market and a major player in innovative mobility, in their Lean Manufacturing approach. The RFID solution [...]