Smart Packaging

Packaging has always been a powerful communication medium

In recent years, it has been undergoing a real revolution with the consideration of sustainable development and the necessary integration of eco-design.

Thanks to new technologies, packaging is now entering a new dimension with the ability to become connected.

With Storkcom, combine connectivity and eco-design.

The integration of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology in packaging opens up new horizons.

This technology, now accessible from any smartphone, allows you to access interactive content with a simple gesture. No need to download an application, the simple fact of approaching the smartphone to the connected packaging allows access to the content and the brand universe.

In addition, this content is dynamic since the technology makes it possible to update at will, according to the news of the brand, the content to which the consumer will be directed. Access to an e-commerce site, game contests, promotions or augmented reality…

Your packaging is only limited by your imagination.

Thanks to NFC, the packaging can therefore also be reusable. Packaging thus becomes all the more environmentally friendly by allowing the consumer to manage the number of uses and its refilling.

Finally, NFC technology makes it possible to integrate into the packaging while respecting its aesthetics. Contrary to QRCode, NFC can be integrated directly into the packaging without any concession on the design.

Let your imagination run wild… Storkcom helps you design your connected packaging.

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