Protecting and promoting know-how

In addition to everything that RFID technologies has added behind the scenes of the Luxury Goods industry, for the past few years, NFC [Near Field Communication] technology has been the particular feature that quickly convinced major brands about its many advantages.

Authenticity and total discretion

Helping to fight counterfeiting by guaranteeing product authenticity to their clients is what NFC technology really offers. Thanks to a very discrete integration of these “smart” labels, both into textile products and into any kind of connected packaging in this way, luxury brands make it possible for their clients to ensure product authenticity with just a simple step on their smartphone.

Traceability and Uniqueness

In the luxury goods sector, every product is unique and subject to special attention. For the brand, there is of course the opportunity to tell the story of each object, from its design to when it reaches the consumer, and to offer the client a traceability that is as unique as its product.

Customer experience

However, the most important benefit of the technology is to offer a whole new experience to customers. Imagine interactive packaging, one that makes it possible for you to offer a unique consumer experience: exclusive, customized, interactive contents.

Thanks to NFC technology, you will create a unique connection with your clients and give them access to your brand’s image and identity, in one single swipe.