Cellar Management

Whether we’re talking about wine or spirits, creating an exceptional product is a process that combines know-how and patience…

After the distillation step, barrel ageing is a stage where time is an essential parameter, but not the only one. All the characteristics of the containers – casks, barrels, jars, etc. – as well as their storage conditions, play a decisive role in the quality of the product and its organoleptic properties.

For the cellar master or mistress, all this data is a goldmine of precious information for creating exceptional products…

In cooperation with some of the world’s leading wineries, Storkcom has designed and implemented Alchemy: a simple, effective solution for managing cellars, from product development to quality monitoring.

The Alchemy solution gives you complete visibility of your cellar, right down to the container itself, and enables you to trace and record all movements of liquids and containers.

With a simple scan, you have access to all the characteristics of your containers, and all the history of the liquids that have aged in them.

Storkcom’s digital solution offers you :

  • Reliable, long-term identification of all your containers ( casks, vats, barrels, jars…) thanks to RFID and/or QRCode identification
  • A simple, reliable process thanks to contactless detection systems
  • Complete mobile management for your cellar operators thanks to WIEWApp and WIEWLink mobile solutions
  • Real-time visibility of your flows and data via the myWIEW web interface
  • Invaluable time-savings on inventory taking

Thanks to the modularity and adaptability of our digital solutions, Storkcom makes the full power of the Alchemy solution available to wineries of all sizes.

Whatever the number of casks you have, Alchemy adapts to your processes and your activity.


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