RFID Specialist Certification

Storkcom certified RFID Specialist by Zebra

Storkcom has obtained the “RFID Specialist” certification awarded by Zebra Technologies to integrators specializing in RFID technologies.

Specializing in the integration of RFID solutions since its creation, Storkcom has acquired a real mastery of the implementation of RFID systems in often complex industrial environments. From metal environments, to the installation of automatic reading gates, cross-docking, or detection systems on production lines, Storkcom implements high value-added automation solutions thanks to its expertise in both hardware and software on these technologies.

As an integrator and Zebra Business Partner, Storkcom not only recommends Zebra RFID hardware solutions (RFID smartphones, Bluetooth RFID reader handles, RFID printers, fixed RFID readers, etc.) according to the needs and constraints of its customers, but above all has the capacity to integrate these systems into industrial performance-oriented business solutions.

This certification demonstrates Storkcom’s experience in deploying operational RFID solutions for more than 15 years and the expertise of its teams in the implementation of both fixed and mobile RFID systems.

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